May 2017 - University of Amsterdam
White Cube. Copyright Greenbox Museum.

University of Amsterdam - May 2017

On May 10 and not for the first time, dr. Luit Mols, an expert on islamic art, teaching a class at the University of Amsterdam visited with a group of students too large for the museum. The ‘islamic arts’ seem to be populair in the Netherlands. I do not adhere to the tradition of branding art as ‘islamic.’ It’s a western and originally colonial era idea of a perceived ‘other’ people. The effort to see unity and not illusionary division is ever more urgent. There are now 20 chairs in the museum to experience contemporary voices from Saudi Arabia and the floor can accommodate people too, but we decided to receive and lecture the group in two sessions. However, they did here pose for my camera all together.

June 20, 2017.