Karachi 2017

Karachi Biennale 2017

Our curator on an 'off duty' tour visited Pakistan to witness the first ever Karachi biennale, a both local and international art event organised by a large team of highly motivated volunteers. It's chief curator had passed through Amsterdam in December 2016 and that basically was how we got interested in the event. The guide to the exhibitions and the performative and other events has just been added to our library. It can been seen here:  Your guide to KB17.

Our curator has made some pictures and notes during his visit and they will be published here in Museum Report. Below an index with links to them:

A visit to the Karachi Biennale 2017


Jamshed Memorial Hall

NVJ School

Frere Hall

Claremont House

Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture

FOMMA DHA Art Center

Karachi School of Art

VM Art Gallery

Commissariat Road

Capri Cinema

Pioneer Book House

Other visits in Karachi

National Museum of Pakistan

Jinnah's House

Aarnout Helb

October 27, 2017