Venice 2017
Venice Art Biennale 2017. Iraq Pavilion in Palazzo Cavalli on Grand Canal. Copyright Greenbox Museum Foundation.

Venice 2017

Greenbox Museum appears to be popular in the Iraqi cities of Erbil and Baghdad, that is to say, Saudi Arabian artists joining voices of expression with some urgency probably are so, and that reflects itself in facebook likes on our page from those cities, but also probably in an invitation to come join the opening of the presentation of Iraq at the Venice Art Biennale. One does not really need a reason to travel to Venice, but t invitation did help to persuade me to visit the Biennale exhibition again after four years. Without a Saudi pavilion there to visit I will for the first time use this institution to take a look at art from other countries and will share here a report about the artists and pavilions visited in Venice.

Artist from Saudi Arabia:

Maha Malluh

National Pavilions of:







May 19, 2017.