About the museum

Greenbox Museum of Contemporary Art from Saudi Arabia is a research institution and collection open to the public in Amsterdam. Since 2008 the museum has taken an interest in the work of visual artists living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The museum has the modest size of a cabinet of curiosities of the 18th century and has similar aims: to discuss, learn and enjoy. It is the first museum for contemporary art from a country that is both a cultural and economic centre for a considerable part - or parts - of the world. The museum tries to turn people's attention away from what is en vogue in the many White Cube museums of Europe and America to consider for a moment an alternative centre of intelligence and creativity in need of space to express itself.

Stichting Greenbox Museum Foundation

The museum has since 2012 organized its research and public function as a foundation (stichting) under Dutch Law. The collection is privately owned and is held as a long term (25 years) loan by the foundation, which is registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce with number KVK 55035612.

Contact information and visiting address

Greenbox Museum Foundation

Willem Brocadesdreef 194

2132 PV Hoofddorp (Amsterdam Metropolitan Region)

The Netherlands

E info@greenboxmuseum.com