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of Contemporary Artists from Saudi Arabia

The foundation researches the visual arts of Saudi Arabia and part of that effort is collecting work to take a closer look at and share with the public in the museum's exhibition space. However, the foundation can not collect work from all artists and also can not collect without an effort to research all that is being produced in Saudi Arabia and the context in which that happens. Because of that we have found many names of artists we have not (yet) been able or found relevant to collect work from for a variety of reasons. In its research and reporting the foundation aims however to be complete. That is why we list here in this look-up dictionary the names of all artists we have encountered in the public domain. It is a work in ever progress, so please don't be alarmed if someone is missing and do inform us of names we might add. When available we (will) add to all pages links to sources, the artist's website and the website of his gallery or representative. The dictionary started its research in 2008 and suspended publishing it in 2012, because of changed technology at our website provider, but will start again now, July 26, 2017, with adding content, but without migrating older pages, which will stay linked and unchanged in their original layout.